Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flakes (And I Don't mean Dandruff)

LA is a funny place.

When I moved here, I expected to be met with rudeness and judgmental attitudes.

I was wrong.

People here are really nice for the most part. Sometimes, they are too nice. This produces flakes (and I don't mean dandruff.) Actor's are especially vulnerable to flakiness.

As an actor, I hate to say no to opportunities. However, when I say, "Yes," I follow through.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles is the home of people telling you, "Yes," and then never following up with you again. I don't think this is because actors are selfish jerks. I think all those verbal commitments just add up. Actor friends just get caught in a cycle of overcommitment and are afraid to say, "no."

Everyone that I have met in the actor community has been so nice and helpful. I know that if they can they will help me and I'm the same way with them, but its hard to find someone that you can rely on. It's a strange thing.

Lately, I've been trying to wait and think on it before I commit and say, "Yes," because I don't want to be one of the flakes.

I want to be Dependable Donald.


  1. I hear Scientology may be an option?

  2. I'm sure the purification process can help with flakes!