Thursday, December 6, 2012

Student Films and Douche Nozzles

You move to LA.

You seek an agent.

You need a reel.

You do student films.

The great thing about student films is that you get footage from them which you can then put on your reel. Holler!

I was a part of a student film today. The Director had a professional attitude and was great to be around. The other actor was a douche nozzle (more on that later).

A summary of student films:

Some really suck, some are great, and you never know which it'll be until you see the footage.

This one was pretty good. That's a picture of the set from it up there. Pretty impressive work for a college kid, right?

Most student films pay very little, if anything at all. This one paid me decently, which I think was a reflection of the director's professionalism.

Student films allow you to perform in a low pressure situation and experiment with what works for you.

Don't make a career of doing student films. Do them long enough to gain street cred and build your reel, then move up to the next level.

Normally, I'd end the post right there but I'm feeling froggy tonight.

Let me tell you about my douche nozzle of a scene partner from today shoot.

If you're unaware, here's a golden rule to live by:

Actor's don't give actor's notes.


Because its not our damn job. That's what the director does.

Makes sense, right?

I'm a pretty easy going guy.

The first time my fellow actor gave me a note, I calmly looked him in the eyes and said, "If the director gives me a note, I'll change it."

This was a tragic mistake.

Ol' douchey decided his new game would be to bypass talking to me and just tell the director the notes that he had for me.

I dealt with this for two days of rehearsal. On our shoot day, the douchemeister was 2 hours late. 2 hours! It's pretty tough to enjoy spending time around someone like this.

Actor Friends,

Please don't be a douche nozzle.
Keep your notes to yourself.



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