Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Web Series (How I Used My Type)

About two weeks after I started Mark Atteberry's Type Class I got an audition for a web series. The role I was reading for was the goofy boss. I started slipping into my old way of thinking.

"What kind of funny stuff can I come up with?" Dumb Donald asked.

"How can I really play 'goofy'? Maybe I'll make some faces or do something with my voice."

I thumped Dumb Donald on the nose. "Dammit Donald, you are goofy. You don't have to play anything. You were a goofy boss when you were teaching without even trying. Just be yourself. Stop over thinking. Just go in and show them who you are."

I got the part.

The web series is called "I Hate My Coworker." You can check it out at
I'm in episodes 2, 3, 7, 10, & 12. It's pretty funny. Check it out and let me know what you think.

It was a blast working with the folks at Vintage City Entertainment. It's refreshing to be around people who work hard, care, and do it what takes to make things happen. They are good people.

An interesting thing has been happening with my auditions. No matter what part I'm reading for, I play my type. The other day I was auditioning for a part that I didn't think I was right for so I just Donalded it up. I played myself. I finished the scene and they asked me to read for another part that was perfect for me. This is what happens when you show them who you are. They find parts for you that work.

I think that acting in LA is about stumbling forward. Don't let yourself fall, just weave forward and keep advancing and learning as you go.

Let's stumble through this thing together.

A reader from my last post asked me to post my resume. You'll now find a link to my headshots, resume, and performance clips on the right side of the blog under my "Hey There" message.

Thanks for the comments. Keep 'em coming!

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