Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What did I expect? The Reality of Living in L.A.

I love being in LA.

It's badass.

Everyday I am flabbergasted by how much oppurtunity is here. There's more possibility than you can imagine.If you want to seriously pursue film and television, this is the place to do it.

I'm happier than I've been in years.

Before I made the move, I researched a lot. planned a ton, and read every book and website I could get my hands (and mouse) on. However, no amount of research could prepare me for being thrown in the middle of it.

Here's the reality of what it like to be in L.A:

Everything is Competitive.

Literally, everything,

Expectation 1: Finding an apartment will be easy.

There are so many people in Los Angeles. Everytime I scheduled an apartment viewing, I was there with at least five other potential tenants. Landlords can afford to get picky with who they choose. The good news is there are a lot of apartments out here as well. Keep trying and eventually you'll find one.

Expectation 2: Finding a day job won't be too tough.

With so many people in L.A., finding even the most basic job is crazy competitive. "Ill just be a waiter," you say? I said the same. Everyone is a waiter. Restaurants have potential hires on a waiting list for when an opening comes up. It's crazy sauce. It's hard enough to find a job, but add to it the fact you, as an actor, need a job with flexibility and decent pay and it the crazy sauce goes up a level. It's best to have a special skill and find a job in that area. What would be the greatest thing ever?  To work for yourself. We'll talk more about day jobs (and night jobs) in a future post.

Expectation 3: The money I saved up will last a pretty long time.

LA is expensive. Because I didn't get a job immediatly (see Expectation 2) my saving went by quickly. My suggestion: have a lot in savings or get a job quickly.

Expectation 4: I probably won't use my car much.

I was very wrong. There is a transportation system in Los Angeles but it ain't worth writing home about. I've had days where I've had four auditions that were 30 miles apart. I'd have never made it on the bus. My advice? Get a car.

Expectation 5: There are so many people in LA that I'll never get lonely.

The actor's life is a strange one. I'm either auditioning or I'm at home. You have to find a way to socialize with others. I hate the term "networking" but that's what it is. I'm an extroverted (when I have to be) introvert and I'm still trying to figure this one out.

Whether you think you're ready or not, there's no better place to figure it out than right in the middle of it.

If it's what you want, if it's what you're being pulled towards, move to LA.

Screw Expectations.

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